SO. I ended up losing the file for the color I had already started on and had to start over. Which made me late. Which made me sad. Which made me even LATER. BUT, it’s okay I finally got it sent to Kurochan ~ !

Happy belated birthday, you lovely reverse trap. And on a side note, PLEASE STOP BEING SO POPULAR. I’m serious, she’s had a live like..EVERY NIGHT for the past few nights. I get in RIGHT when it starts, literally. Less than a minute! And then, just as quickly, I get a message telling me that I was kicked because a premium member joined! UGHHH. FRUSTRATION!!!! 

I WANT TO LISTEN TO KUROCHAN TOO, OKAY YOU RICH JAPANESE PEOPLE!? ; A ; Tonight I heard her say something about Tapioka and then I was booted. Sad world. u__u;